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Envelope Punch Board Tags

Make quick and easy gift tags using your Envelope Punch Board..

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Incorrect Measurement on the Envelope Punch Board

Incorrect Measurement on the Envelope Punch Board

October 12, 2013

We have noticed that one of the envelope measurements on the Envelope Punch Board is incorrect. The dimensions for the 5-1/2″ x 8″ card size envelope are 1/4″ too small. The correct envelope measurement for this card size is: 10-5/8″ x 10-5/8″ (paper size); 4-3/8″ (score line). The Envelope Punch Board still functions perfectly and we have corrected the measurement chart on the punch board. New labels are available through Demonstrator Support, if you would like one.

Special reminder for Stampin’ Up! cards: These envelope measurements are meant for simple cards, without a lot of dimension. At Stampin’ Up! we love adding dimension to our cards, but that can make the envelope a bit snug. So, if you need an envelope to fit your cards with lots of flair, go up an envelope size (or two) for the perfect fit.


Envelope Punch Board

This is so cool.  SU came out with a customizable envelope board.  Create envelopes in 66 different sizes.  See details below.


  • Available September 1, 2013
  • It creates totally customizable envelopes in up to 66 different sizes (not to mention a million different color and pattern options depending on the paper you want to use). Even tried and true envelope sizes will only take you moments to create!
  • It’s super easy to use; it will go over as a huge wow when you demonstrate it at your events and your customers see it in action. It looks intimidating at first glance, but when they see that all you have to do is measure for the first punch and from there you just turn and score they’ll go crazy (in a good way).
  • It’s small and lightweight; this makes it easy for you to take it to your events and show it. It’s super portable and easy to store. It’s small and light enough that you could use it while watching a soccer match, at a park, at a friend’s for craft night-anywhere.
  • It even has a slick scoring tool as well as a punch that lets you create rounded corners on your envelopes.
  • It’s easy to keep it all together; the stylus storage compartment and two punches are designed into the tool so you don’t have a bunch of little pieces to keep track of (even the instructions are printed right on the tool so you won’t lose them!).
  • The price is terrific-especially for a tool that does so much!
  • It will be in next year’s annual catalog, so it’s here to stay.
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Stampin’ Up! Simply Scored Borders Scoring Plate

You’re gonna love it!  How about a Sneak Peek Stampin’ Up! Video of  the Simply Scored Borders Scoring Plate?  It’s available starting today, Jan. 3  in the 2013 Spring Catalog.

Do you need a copy of the 2013 Spring Catalog?  Click the catalog icon on the right sidebar to download a PDF copy.

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New Stampin’ Trimmer

Introducing the new and improved Stampin’ Trimmer! Although paper trimmers are a common crafting tool, this trimmer was designed exclusively by paper crafters for paper crafters-and because it was made by Stampin’ Up!, you know it’s a cut above the rest.

  • Features of the All-New Stampin’ Trimmer
    • An extra-wide 6-1/4″ cutting base and an extended 14-1/2″ ruler
      • The extra-wide cutting base provides a large work area and is marked in 1/4″ (4 mm) increments, allowing for small measurements.
      • The right-side grid helps you measure and cut very thin strips.
      • The extended cutting arm has a stabilizing leg to provide a sturdy and steady cutting surface for longer cuts.
      • When fully extended, the extended cutting arm sits flush with the trimmer base, providing more accurate and consistent measurements across the entire surface.
      • The cutting base and track include a full ruler, incorporating measurements down to 1/16″ and grid lines that mark each quarter inch.
      • All rulers and measurements on the base are printed under a plastic cover so your measurements won’t wear off.
      • The base has nonskid feet, which keeps the Stampin’ Trimmer securely in place on your work area.
    • A full 12″ cutting and scoring track
      • The extra-long cutting track has space at the top and bottom so you don’t have to take the cutting and scoring blades out when you’re not using them.
      • The track gives you enough space to cut or score a full 12″ (30.5 cm) without having to remove or switch out handles.
      • The cutting track locks in place for secure storage or transport.
      • The track includes an insertion point for cutting and scoring blade handles so you can easily insert handles into the cutting track.
    • Specially designed handles and cutting track to ensure straight cuts
      • The hook on the scoring and cutting blade handles keeps the handles stable so the cuts are as straight as possible.
      • Handles come in two colors: dark for cutting, light for scoring.
      • The precision tip on the cutting blade allows you to pinpoint precisely where you’re cutting.
      • The point on the side of each handle shows you where the blade will cut, making it easy to see exactly where your cuts and scores will begin.
    • Storage compartment under base
      • The storage compartment holds scoring and cutting tools such as a Bone Folder, Simply Scored Stylus, extra scoring and cutting blades, and even business cards.
      • Separate compartments within the storage compartment keep your tools organized, and the clear cover makes it easy to see what you’ve stored.
    • Product details: item 126889; $29.95
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Diagonal Score Plate Envelopes

Check out this well thought out pdf from Jackie Topa. It has dimensions for different size envelopes beyond the normal A2 card. Just to name a few she has square envelopes of all sizes, envelopes for the new Framelits Labels Collection and Framelits Hearts Collection. We certainly appreciate the time and effort she has put into this and for sharing this information.

Click here for a printer friendly copy

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The NEW Simply Scored Diagonal Plate

Product Features

  • Sits on top of the Simply Scored base
  • Held securely in place by rubber pads on back of the plate
  • Has etched grooves every 1/8″
  • Can score any size card stock up to 12″ x 12″
  • Includes instructions for creating common envelope sizes
  • Coordinating products included
    • Simply Scored (item 122334)
    • Simply Scored Place Markers (item 125625)
    • Simply Scored Stylus (item 125624)
    • Bone Folder (item 102300)
    • Item




      Simply Scored Diagonal Plate


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